Build Customized Travel Itineraries in few clicks. Let your customers plan and organize their activities for a trip with our most robust itinerary builder

User-Friendly Interface

Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Allow users to easily rearrange activities or change the order by dragging and dropping items.

Intuitive Design: Ensure a clean and user-friendly design that is easy to navigate.

Trip Details

Destination and Dates: Allow users to set the destination and travel dates for their trip.Provide flexibility for multi-destination trips.

Activity Management: Add, Edit, and Remove Activities:Enable users to add activities to specific days, edit details, or remove them as plans change.

Custom Activity Types: Allow users to add custom activities beyond pre-defined categories.

Time Slots

Hourly Schedule: Provide a daily breakdown with hourly time slots for precise planning.

Support for full-day or multi-day events.

Collaborative Planning

Shareable Itineraries: Enable users to share their itineraries with friends, family, or travel companions.

Allow collaboration on the same itinerary

Weather Integration

Weather Forecasts: Display current and forecasted weather information for the destination during the trip dates.

Provide packing suggestions based on the weather.

Budget Tracking

Allocate Budgets: Allow users to allocate budgets for different aspects of their trip, such as accommodation, transportation, and activities.

Expense Tracking: Integrate with budget tracking features to monitor expenses against the allocated budget.

Map Integration

Interactive Maps: Integrate maps with the itinerary, showing the locations of planned activities and accommodations.

Provide directions and travel times between points.

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